Visits by members of the Coleford Twinning Association members and Association Exchanges Franco Brittanques

There have been several visits by individuals, families, groups, clubs and sports teams between Coleford and St Hilaire de Riez since 2016. This shows some of the photographs with some information about the visits. 

Coleford Twinning Association and Association Exchanges Franco Brittaniques Events and Visits

Official launch of twinning partnership

Paul Kay, Mayor of Coleford in 2016, presents the Mayor of St Hilaire de Riez, Laurent Boudelier, with a Coleford Town Council flag

Coleford celebrates its twinning link

The Coleford Town Council erected signs at the entry roads into Coleford to advertise its twinning link with St Hilaire de Riez. Members of the Asso EFB join CTA members on a foggy day. 

St Hilaire de Riez celebrates its link

The St Hilaire de Riez municipality erect road signs to advertise the twinning partnership. 

CTA Visit to St Hilaire in 2018

The first group visit by CTA members in August 2018 was a great success and many new friendships were made

Visit by Asso EFB team in 2016

In 2016 members of the Asso EFB committee visited Coleford to launch the twinning partnership. 

2017 visit by teachers from St Hilaire

In 2017 the CTA hosted a group of teachers from schools in St Hilaire de Riez. It was hoped that this visit would lead to many schools in the Coleford district establishing twinning partnerships. 

2019 Visits

2019 CTA Group visits

In 2019 a large group of CTA members travelled to St Hilaire by coach, where we were hosted by Asso EFB members. 

Picnic at Noirmoutier 2019

During the 2019 visit, the Coleford group travelled to the island of Noirmoutier where we had a superb picnic by the beach followed by a wlak along the coast. 

Welcome by the Le Bois Juquaud Museum

Members of the friends of the Le Bois Juquaud heritage museum welcomed the visiting group with a tour of the site and a lovely buffet meal. 

dynamite shakers at coleford music festival 2022

The Dynamite Shakers from St Hilaire de Riez performed to an appreciative audience at the Coleford Music Festival. They came across with family and friends and stayed in Coleford for a few days.