Exchange Rugby Matches

In 2018, 2019 and 2022 youth rugby teams from Coleford and St Hilaire de Riez played matches. The matches were played in good spirit and shirts were exchanged before the match that was held at Berry Hill Rugby Club in 2019. The left hand photograph was taken after the match in 2022 and shows how friendships have formed. 

2022 Match

After a long postponement, owing to the pandemic, a youth team from Berry Hill Rugby Club travelled over to St Hilaire de Riez to play a match against the local youth team. Berry Hill won by 29 to 19, but the real winner was the friendships formed between the players in both team. 

Other sporting events 

Half Marathon in St Hilaire de Riez

In 2018 Michael and Alan from the Forest of Dean Athletics Club, travelled to St Hilaire to compete in their half-marathon. The temperatures were close to 30'C so it was a grueling run through the pine trees alongside the beach. However, both completed the half-marathon. 

Petanque Matches

The Angus Buchanan Petanque Club and teams from St Hilaire de Riez have played matches. In 2019 the Coleford team were well beaten by a St Hilaire team that included international players.