Photos of CTA visits to St Hilaire

There have been several visits to St Hilaire de Riez by CTA members. This page shows a flavour of the visits. 

Visits to Coleford by Asso EFB

The CTA have hosted a number of visits by Asso EFB members to Coleford. This page shows images of some of them. 

Youth Club and School Visits

There have been visits by youngsters from the youth clubs and from schools. This page shows photos from some of these visits. 

CTA and Asso EFB events

The Coleford Twinning Association and the Association Exchanges Franco Brittaniques have held a number of official events whose photos are recorded on this page. 

Sports Clubs Visits

Various sports clubs have formed links, these include running/jogging, cycling, petanque and golf clubs. This page shows some of the events that have taken place over the years.

Rugby Club Exchange Matches

The rugby clubs at Berry Hill and at St Hilaire de Riez have formed a partnership that has resulted in their youth teams visiting teach other's grounds and playing matches. This page shows photos of these matches and teams.